World's First Texting and Driving Application

What is Application?

We provide an affordable service for those who want to be pro-active in the fight against driving while texting. Our application allows you to block text messages and calls while still giving you a notification.

We believe that this technology will help reduce the amount of texting accidents every year and provide piece of mind to parents and relatives.

How does it work?

Our application allows you to limit the usage of messages and calls while driving (when the application is turned on). Instead of giving you the ability to use the phone, we "restrict" certain functions. Our aim is to help drivers stay away from their phone and stay concentrated on their driving.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone who thinks that this will help them at some point. Not only if under the influence of alcohol but also distracted by texts or calls. There is no limit to the use of our software when it comes to helping save lives. If you have feedback please be sure to share with us.

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